Congratulations to our 2023 Oceanside International Film Festival Official Selections!

We’re Excited to Continue our Second Decade of Indie Cinema with You! Our Full Schedule will be Available Shortly! (Check for Frequent Updates!)

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A BIKER’S DREAM // Directed by Ken Glaser (US, Irvine, CA)

ACT OF WAR // Directed by Drew Marquardt (US)

AN ISLAND DRIFTS // Directed by Vivian Ip (Singapore)

ANG MOTEL // Directed by Jon Matthews (US, Oceanside, CA)

BAD CHILD // Directed by Nicole Emilíana Mendez (US, San Marcos, CA)

BLACK CREEK TRAIL // Directed by Soma Helmi (US, Los Angeles, CA)

DOUBLE TROUBLE // Directed by Brendan Casey (US, South Salt Lake, UT)

EARTHWORM // Directed by Grace Gregory (US, Glendale, CA)

EVERYTHING IS FINE // Directed by Evelyn Byrd (US, Oceanside, CA)

FILTER // Directed by Qianhang SHAO (China // Alhambra, CA)

GENDER OUTLAW, A BODYSURFING STORY // Directed by Peter Williams (US, Hawthorne, CA)

THE GIFT OF BATHSHEBA // Directed by Zach Hellmuth (Barbados)

GRAVEYARD // Directed by Ali Daraee (Islamic Republic of Iran)

THE GREAT AMERICAN SHORT STORY // Directed by Daniel Maggio (US, Idyllwild, CA)

LIVING ON THE THRESHOLD // Directed by Vincent Bruno & Marine Chesnais (Belgium)

MOVING OUT // Directed by Rachel Earnest (US, Oceanside // Los Angeles, CA)

THE MANLIEST MAN // Directed by Aaron Adrian (US, Los Angeles, CA)

ONE LOST MANY FOUND // Directed by Troy Mikell Bedenbaugh (US, Florida)

RECLAIM YOUR WATER: NATASHA SMITH // Directed by Faith E. Briggs (US)

SALT LINES // Directed by Dan McDougall (US, Maine)

SNAPP // Directed by Ryan Kelly (US, San Diego, CA)

THE SPACE BETWEEN US // Directed by Gabriel Diamond (US)

THE SPRAYER // Directed by Farnoosh Abedi (Islamic Republic of Iran)

STUPID CUPID // Directed by Marco Bottiglieri (US)

TOUCH // Directed by Justin Burquist (US, San Diego, CA)

YEARNING FOR A THURSDAY // Directed by Adam Gilmore & Tara Robertson (US)

YELLOWSTONE 88 – SONG OF FIRE // Directed by Jerry van de Beek & Betsy De Fries (US)

YOU AND I // Directed by Lynn Laor (Israel)



BIG WAVE GUARDIANS // Directed by Luke Stirtz (US, Hawaii // California)

HOLD ME RIGHT // Directed by Danijela Steinfeld (US, New York City, NY)

JACK HAS A PLAN // Directed by Bradley Berman (US, Berkeley, CA)

THE MIRAGE // Directed by Keith Ladzinski (US, Colorado)

MUSHER // Directed by Anuradha Rana & Laurie Little (US, Chicago, IL)

PUBLISH OR PERISH // Directed by David Liban (US, Colorado)

SWEET ADVENTURE // Directed by Peter Hamblin (El Salvador // United Kingdom)