The 2020 Oceanside International Film Festival Award Ceremony will be available for viewing on on Sunday, August 16th at 7:00pm and remain available for viewing until the following weekend of August 23rd. Congratulations to our jury nominated filmmakers, actors & artists below! All winners of OIFF 2020 were selected by the festival’s grand jury in a private and non-congregational voting process. We hope you will tune in and join us in celebrating the spirit of independent cinema from the comfort of home.

Best Art Design (Short or Feature)
Aaron Insley – Alina
Nicole Eure – Inoculation
Elsa Mickelson – Leave ‘Em Laughing
Natasha Mudi – The Cancer Monster
Dante Iannetta – I’m on Fire

Best Original Score/Music (Short or Feature)
Marco D’Ambrosio – Eat The Rainbow
Shaul Bustan – Toprak
Timothy Jackson – First Chances
Georgly Ahimoroda – Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish
Kinny Landrum – Love is not Love

Best Editing in a Short
Rami Kodeih – Alina
Shayna Connelly – Banana’s Girl
Tony Gentile – Collectors Vol. 1
T.F. Kenney – The End
Dave Phelps, Ryan Espinosa, Jeff Taylor & Ben Weiland – Unnur

Best Editing in a Feature
Vladislav Grishin – Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish
Karen Glienke – Love is not Love
Isolated in Stromboli
Goncalo Caldeira – Legacy: Surfing Then & Now

Best Screenplay (Short or Feature)
Alexander Dean Williams, Shawn Parikh and Nellie Christine for American Hate
Nora Marianna – Alina
Brian Benson – H.P. Mendoza – Eat The Rainbow
Chris Cashman & Christopher Lusti – Leave ‘Em Laughing
Sevgi Hirschhauser – Toprak

Best Cinematography in a Short
Jeff Taylor – Unnur
Karim Ghorayeb – Alina
Tony Gentile – Collectors, Vol 1
Bryan Ricke – American Hate

Best Cinematography in a Feature
Dmitriy Shpilenok, Nicolay Shpilenok – Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish
Sevgi Hirschhauser – Toprak
Luca Noris – Isolated in Stromboli
Tiago Dias – Legacy: Surfing Then & Now
Steven Fadellin – Love is Not Love

Best Supporting Actress
Whitney Bensfield “Zoe” in Midnight
Lady Bear – “Vonda” in Eat The Rainbow
April Kidwell – “Lobelia” in Eat The Rainbow
Rebeca Robles “Nelly” in Alina
Tatum Langton “Becky” in American Hate

Best Supporting Actor
Matthew Glave – “Dick Shawn” in Leave ‘Em Laughing
William McCullough – “Captain Drauz” in Alina
Martin Kove – “Jerry” in The Roommates
Lady Bear – “Vonda” in Eat The Rainbow
Shawn Parikh “Druv” in American Hate

Best Actress in a Lead Role
Alia Shawkat “Alina” in Alina
Shradda Divri “Sunny” in American Hate
Charlie Krapf “Charlie” in The Power Agent
Kiko Wilson “Kyoko” in Aida
Alejandra Gollas “Reyna/Emilia” in Love is Not Love

Best Actor in a Lead Role
Joseph Lloyd Lopez  – “Randy” in American Hate
Numan Cakir – “Cemil” in Toprak
Burak Aydin – “Burak” in Toprak
Barry Bostwick – “Henry” in The Roommates
Bruce Davidson – “Arthur” in The Roommates

Best Direction in a Short
Chris Cashman – Leave ‘Em Laughing
Brian Benson – Eat The Rainbow
Rami Kodeih – Alina
Christopher W. Graham – Aida
Daniel Brea – American Hate

Best Direction in a Feature
Sevgi Hirschhäuser – Toprak
Luca Noris – Isolated In Stromboli
Dmitriy Shpilenok , Vladislav Grishin – Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish
Stephen Keep Mills – Love is Not Love

Best Student Film (Short or Feature)
Dirty Business
I’m on Fire
Just Go Fucking Surfing

Best Animation (Short or Feature)
The End
Fire Underground

Best Short Documentary
Collector’s Vol 1
The World is a Skatepark: Photographer J. Grant Brittain
Bananas Girl

Best Feature Documentary
Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish
Isolated in Stromboli
The Lure of this Land
Legacy: Surfing Now and Then

Best Narrative Short
American Hate
Eat The Rainbow
The Roommates

Best Narrative Feature
Love is not Love

Best Picture of OIFF 2020 (Short or Feature)
American Hate
Eat The Rainbow
Isolated In Stromboli
Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish

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