Congratulations to the Winners of our 12th Annual Film Festival! The 2023 Oceanside International Film Festival Award Ceremony took place at The Brooks Theatre on Saturday, February 25th at 8:00pm. All winners of OIFF 2023 were selected by the festival’s Grand Jury in a private and non-congregational voting process. We hope you will join us next year for OIFF 2024. Thank you for making our 12th Annual event everything it was this year. See You at the Movies.
Best Art Direction (Short or Feature)
WINNER: “Filter”
“The Space Between US”
“The Sprayer”
“Sweet Adventure”
Best Original Score (Short or Feature)
“A Biker’s Dream”
WINNER: “I Am Alright”
“Moving Out”
“Sweet Adventure”
“Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire”
Best Editing in a Short
Michael Foster – “Black Creek Trail”
Nicole Emiliana Mendez – “Bad Child”
Troy Bedenbaugh – “One Lost Many Found”
WINNER: David Abades Barclay – “Salt Lines”
Farnoosh Abedi – “The Sprayer”
Best Editing in a Feature
Luke Stirtz – “Big Wave Guardians”
Danijela Steinfeld & Kelsey Lynne Payne – “Hold Me Right”
Quinn Costello – “Jack Has A Plan”
Nick Nummerdor & Sharon Zurek – “Musher”
WINNER: Peter Hamblin – “Sweet Adventure”
Best Screenplay (Short or Feature)
Vivian Ip – “An Island Drifts”
WINNER: Jim Kempton – “Big Wave Guardians”
Aaron Adrian – “The Manliest Man”
David Liban – “Publish or Perish”
Peter Hamblin – “Sweet Adventure”
Best Cinematography in a Short
Jayson Crothers – “Black Creek Trail”
Vahid Bioute – “Graveyard”
Vincent Bruno – “Living on the Threshold”
WINNER: Robert L. Hunter – “Reclaim Your Water: Natasha Smith”
Amalia Zilbershatz-Banay – “You & I”
Best Cinematography in a Feature
Chris Zamoscianyk – Big Wave Guardians
Joshua Zimmerman – “I Am Alright”
WINNER: Chris Alstrin – “The Mirage”
B. Rich & Justin Jones – “Musher”
Trevr Merchant – “Publish or Perish”
Best Supporting Actress
Virginia Soliman as Lola in “Ang Motel”
Valerie Gould as Mom in “Moving Out”
Bonnie Utter as Amy Bowden in “Publish or Perish”
Katie Michels as Emily in “Publish or Perish”
WINNER: Hill Golan as Lenny in “You & I”
Best Supporting Actor
Richardson Cisneros-Jones as The Lobbyist in “Act of War”
Quintus Lim as Andrew in “An Island Drifts”
Rodney To as Dr. Blythe in “Earthworm”
Paul Beckman as Dom, Short for Dominance in “The Manliest Man”
WINNER: James Shanklin as Dean Richard Crawley in “Publish or Perish”
Best Actress in a Lead Role
Jaime Saginor as Alex in “Black Creek Trail”
Charlotte Foley as Claire O’Leary in “Earthworm”
WINNER: Ling Ling as Xiaomei in “Filter”
Ashley Felkner as Sarah in “Stupid Cupid”
Gala Kogen as Anna in “You & I”
Best Actor in a Lead Role
Timothy Wan as Glen in “An Island Drifts”
Jilon VanOver as Terry in “Black Creek Trail”
WINNER: Matthew Kim as Tommy in “The Manliest Man”
Timothy McCracken as Jim Bowden in “Publish or Perish”
Peter Coyote as Spoken Word Actor in “Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire”
Best Direction in a Short
WINNER: Vivian Ip – “An Island Drifts”
Soma Helmi – “Black Creek Trail”
Aaron Adrian – “The Manliest Man”
Troy Bedenbaugh – “One Lost Many Found”
Dan McDougall – “Salt Lines”
Best Direction in a Feature
WINNER: Danijela Steinfeld – “Hold Me Right”
Bradley Berman – “Jack Has A Plan”
Keith Ladzinski- “The Mirage”
David Liban – “Publish or Perish”
Peter Hamblin – “Sweet Adventure”
Best Student Film (Short or Feature)
“Act of War”
WINNER: “An Island Drifts”
“Bad Child”
“The Manliest Man”
“You & I”
Best Animation (Short or Feature)
“A Biker’s Dream”
“Double Trouble”
“The Sprayer”
WINNER: “Yellowstone 88 – Song of Fire”
Best Short Documentary
“Bad Child”
“Living on the Threshold”
WINNER: “One Lost Many Found”
“Reclaim Your Water: Natasha Smith”
“Salt Lines”
Best Feature Documentary
“Big Wave Guardians”
“Hold Me Right”
“I Am Alright”
WINNER: “Jack Has A Plan”
“The Mirage”
Best Narrative Short
“An Island Drifts”
WINNER: “Black Creek Trail”
“You & I”
Best Picture of OIFF 2023 (Short or Feature)
“An Island Drifts”
“Jack Has A Plan”
WINNER: “The Manliest Man”
“One Lost Many Found”
“Sweet Adventure”
2023 Oceanside Impact Award Recipient
Taryn Manning
OIFF’s 2023 Award Show was Held Live at The Brooks Theatre on Saturday, 2/25/23 at 8:00pm pst. Thank you to all who showed up and Supported our 2023 Filmmakers and Special Guest, Taryn Manning. See You Next Year, Oceanside!
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