Congratulations to the Nominees & Winners of our 13th Annual Film Festival! The 2024 Oceanside International Film Festival Award Ceremony will took place at The Brooks Theatre on Saturday, February 24th at 8:30pm. All winners of OIFF 2024 are selected by the festival’s Grand Jury in a private and non-congregational voting process. Thank you to our filmmakers and attendees for joining us in celebrating the spirit of independent cinema for the conclusion of our 2024 festival. 

Best Art Direction (Short or Feature)
 “13 Steps”
“The Countryman”
“Forget Me Again”
Best Original Score (Short or Feature)
Larry Groupé – “And Yet They Speak”
Jon Bell – “California Light”
Brittany Dunton & Jake Monaco – “Manō”
Luke Thomas – “Speedman”
Beatie Wolfe – “Trees & Seas”
Best Editing in a Short
Ben Bloom – “Dust”
Loes Janssen – “Figment”
Brittany Biggs – “Manō”
Allison Waid – “Please Ask For It”
“Rick Griffin Interlude 01, Pacific Vibrations”
Best Editing in a Feature
Matt Latham – “The Buildout”
Brian Patrick Butler – “Hemet, or The Landlady Don’t Drink Tea”
Michael Foster – “To Fall in Love”
Best Screenplay (Feature)
Zeshaan Younus – “The Buildout”
Brian Patrick Butler – “Hemet, or the Landlady Don’t Drink Tea”
Hong-rae Lee – “Those Were The Good Days”
Jennifer Lane – “To Fall in Love”
Best Screenplay (Short)
Joshua Carone – “Ask Your Friends”
Noah Freeman Hecht – “Forget Me Again”
Kevin Waczek – “Lockdown”
Joe Bowers & Howard Milligan – “Speedman”
Justin Rubin – “Trailhead”
Best Cinematography in a Short
Matt Devino – “13 Steps”
The Joelsons – “And Yet They Speak”
Robert Denfeld – “California Light”
Jannis Schelenz – “The Countryman”
Antonio Saraiva – “Fifth Tide”
Best Cinematography in a Feature
Justin Moore – “The Buildout”
Hong-rae Lee – “Those Were The Good Days”
Ellie Ann Fenton – “To Fall in Love”
Best Supporting Actress
Windy Marshall as Alex (Adult) in “And Yet They Speak”
Sara Arrington as Mom in “Angeles”
Nicole Falk as Frida in “Ask Your Friends”
Martha Magruder as Lucy in “The Countryman”
Ga-young Park as Ga-young in “Those Were The Good Days”
Best Supporting Actor
Anthony Turpel as Michael in “Angeles”
Jack Forcinito as John in “The Countryman”
Erik Thomas as Brooklyn in “Forget Me Again”
Radoje Čupić as Simo in “Patrimony”
Hans Van Harken as Lord Bizeus in “Speedman”
Best Actress in a Lead Role
Madeleine Morrell as Nerissa in “Accidental Stars”
Hannah Alline as Dylan in “The Buildout”
Marie Wagenman as Mary in “The Countryman”
Beth Gallagher as Merryn in “To Fall in Love”
Solène Rigot as Melissa in “Wild”
Best Actor in a Lead Role
Kyle Minshew as David in “Accidental Stars”
Jared Boghosian – “Forget Me Again”
Brian Patrick Butler as Liz Topham-Myrtle in “Hemet, or the Landlady Don’t Drink Tea”
Danilo Kerkez as Aleksandar in “Patrimony”
Eric Casalini as Wyatt in “To Fall in Love”
Best Direction in a Short
Emily Bennett – “Accidental Stars”
Aiden Keltner – “Amazing Grace”
Andy Kastelic – “The Countryman”
Stefan Tomić – “Patrimony”
Nicolas Devienne – “Wild”
Best Direction in a Feature
Zeshaan Younus – “The Buildout”
Hong-rae Lee – “Those Were The Good Days”
Michael Foster – “To Fall in Love”
Best Student Film (Short or Feature)
“Ask Your Friends”
“California Light”
“El Halcón”
“Lost Fawn”
“Spear. Spatula. Submarine.”
Best Animation (Short or Feature)
Best Short Documentary
“Buarcos – The Unridden Ones”
“Fifth Tide”
“Please Ask For It”
“Twin Oaks”
Best Narrative Short
“The Countryman”
“Forget Me Again”
Best Narrative Feature
“The Buildout”
“Those Were The Good Days”
Best Picture of OIFF 2024 (Short or Feature)
“Buarcos – The Unridden Ones”
“The Countryman”
“Those Were The Good Days”
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